Tuesday, October 4, 2011


There is this really great quarry in athens that you can swim in. we went there one day and had a blast, no one was around, we jumped off of some really high rocks into the clear blue water. we had so much fun that the next day judson and i went back to swim again, but this time there were lots of people milling around, including a sheriff and some tow truck drivers, and some divers. they were pulling stolen cars out of the quarry right where we had been jumping. we met the woman whose cars they were. the story goes that she bought a house, and before moving into it she parked five cars in the front yard. while she was at her other residence, someone with a flatbed tow truck came by and told her neighbor that they had permission to take the cars. the towed all five away, and stripped the house of its water heater, air conditioning unit, and all of the wiring in the house. they then scrapped it all except for these two cars which they dumped into the quarry. we got to watch them pull them out, it was incredible. she then told us about this other quarry down the road that she used to go swimming in. we went there to check it out, and got caught by the cops and ticketed for criminal trespassing. we decided it was worth it.


  1. Interesting story.

  2. All scrapped. 'Cept for those two cars that they just dumped in the quarry.